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GERD home treatment

Chris Plummer here . . .

. . . and I created this page to help others treat their acid reflux and GERD to avoid having the issues I have had. I have suffered from GERD for about TEN years now.

It started when I would eat food, sometimes it felt like it wouldn’t go down all the way and it would make me throw up. Gross, I know, but we are here to learn about treating a health problem, so that means we need to be open about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It started getting worse over time, so I went to see the doctor. The doctor ended up sticking a camera down my throat and told me I had GERD.

He gave me a prescription for some medication and called it a day.

I don’t like to take medicine . . . especially something that has to be taken regularly to be effective. I started looking for ways to treat my GERD without having to take the medicine.

I have learned a lot about natural treatments for acid reflux and home remedies for GERD and I wanted to share to knowledge I have gained on the subject.

So, here we are . . .GERD at home relief

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The Willie Douglas Band!

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